Adult Novelty Consumers Smarter Than You Think, Reveals Sola® Survey

By on February 12, 2019

New York, NY – Sola® has released global survey results supporting the sex-positivity and sex-intelligence of sex toy owners. The luxury pleasure products manufacturer’s full questionnaire results are publicly presented on the official company blog; independent portions from the study are also shared via the company’s social media channels.

Sola® Marketing Director Ducky DooLittle says, “We never felt a need to dumb down sex for our audience because we already had a good idea they are intelligent, but it’s nice to see the statistics solidify just how sexually sophisticated they are.”

The 2019 Sola® SexStudy found:
• Pleasure products owners, as a whole, learn about sex primarily through reading books, blogs, and magazines; they also learn through personal exploration, health classes, and pornography.
• 92.2% of pleasure products owners know exactly where their G-spot is located.
• 56.3% of woman-identified sex toy owners report their G-spot is their favorite erogenous body part.
• Sex toy owners are unapologetically experienced, sighting 16-25 years of sexual experience, and own ten or more adult novelties.
• 50% love vibration in their sex toys.
• 82% enjoy toy play without a partner.
• 35.9% use toys externally during partner play.

Of all respondents, 70.3% were woman-identified, 15.6% were man-identified, and 14.1% identified as being non-binary. Most of those participating in the study were between 25 and 40 years of age (62.5%). To view the full infographic, visit

New York-based Sola®’s mission is to produce sleek designs, engineer high-quality lifestyle products, to heighten intimacy, and strengthen intimate connections. Along with a small collective of highly creative individuals and the hard-working teams with which the manufacturer partners, Sola® co-founders Verna Meng and Eric Lee hope their products bring just as much pleasure to their customers as they have gained designing and creating them.


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