Amber Rose Foundation Announces LELO Partnership For Slutwalk 2017

By on September 13, 2017
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The world’s foremost pleasure brand, LELO, today proudly announced that it had stepped up as a supporter of the Amber Rose Slutwalk in Los Angeles this year.

As a long-time innovator in the field of personal pleasure, LELO has long embodied the same values that made Slutwalk resonate across the world, making the partnership a natural one.

Held at 11am-5pm on October 1 2017, Slutwalk is a major cultural non-profit event, celebrating sexual expression and independence, as well as promoting a positive image of multicultural diversity and gender equality – among much else.
Now in its third year, the Amber Rose Slutwalk attracts over 11,000 people to the event, while millions more participate online and across the world. The empowering event embodies a new generation of sexual understanding and dialogue by confronting double standards and challenging preconceptions.

Support for getting the word out to the right people. LELO balloons with positive messages will be available, and LELO and Amber Rose have been conducting competitions on social media to generate even more support. The competition can be found at Slutwalk’s Instagram account, @slutwalk_la.


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