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By on November 2, 2017
Bathmate awards

This year has been another great year for Bathmate, with successful product launches at both ANMEs and Erofame.
In January this year we launched our consumable range, included in this range are the Control delay Gel and the Clean, Adult toy cleaner.

Control is unlike any other delay gel on the market as it does not contain Lidocaine or Benzocaine. Lidocaine and Benzocaine are both very effective at numbing the penis so climax is delayed but sometimes climax is impossible due to a lack of feeling. The Bathmate Control works in a different way, once it has been applied the user needs to wait 30 to 40 minutes, then the user will feel a warm tingling sensation, the gel is now active and will remain so for the next 3 to 4 hours. Bathmates Control reduces the sensitivity of the penis by about 20% meaning that it is easier to hold back on achieving climax but equally as there is no numbness it is also easy to achieve climax a real win win.

Bathmates Clean is a toy cleaner that is safe and effective, on rubber, latex, silicone and PVC. The product is easy to use and can be sprayed on to the toys then rinsed and left to air dry or can be dried using a suitable cloth. The Clean comes in a 100ml bottle so can go in hand luggage if travelling. The Bathmate Clean really is an essential when maintaining the cleanliness of all adult toys.

In July this year we launched the Trim, Bathmates first electronic essential. The launch was driven by consumer demand, explains Tim Brown, Brand Manager at Bathmate, “to use the Bathmate pump effectively it needs to be able to form a seal against the body, if the user is too hairy the pump will not seal against the body making the pump ineffective. We have a global customer care desk that receive regular calls about how short the hair needs to be. The Trim has several attachments that attach to the cutting blades, on the precision attachment the right length is the 3 position.

Trim sales have been phenomenal resulting in selling out on 2 separate occasions.
At Erofame we launched the new Hydro Rocket Douche and a range of Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Rings.
We actually sent the new Douche to space, says Tim, the new Douche is shaped like a Rocket so we wondered if we could get it into space, we found a Company based near the Factory who said they could do it, and so one sunny day in September we hitched it to a balloon and sent it 112,000 feet into the air before the balloon exploded, we think we may have a world record for the highest adult toy !

Bathmates Hydro Rocket is a personal hygiene device, designed to be used in the shower as a compliment to your personal cleansing routine. With an ergonomic, easy-squeeze 325ml capacity bulb and innovative non-return valve to prevent water returning back to the bulb, thus eliminating any chance of contamination, you can be sure of a thorough hygienic clean. The fully detachable nozzle and flat-bottom base makes cleaning your Hydro Rocket simple, and even comes with a discreet bag for safe storage after use. The Hydro Rocket is made using only skin-safe tested materials, ensuring safe, hygienic use, so you can be assured that it really is the must-have essential for clean, confident play.

Bathmates range of rechargeable vibrating cock rings are made out of our new and improved Elastomex formula and combined with a small yet powerful rechargeable 3-speed vibrating bullet, allow you and your partner to feel every vibration. Designed with enhanced stimulation in mind, the Bathmate Vibe Ring range will boost your power, performance and pleasure.

The Tickle is Bathmates most intimate ring yet. With its unique texture, designed for intense stimulation for both you and your partner, it can be worn facing upwards or downwards to hit the desired spot.
The unique construction of The Strength heightens pleasure by constricting the flow of blood, making for bigger, longer lasting, rock hard erections. The increased sensitivity of the penis will intensify your orgasm, leaving you and your partner more satisfied than ever before.

The Stretch is designed to imitate the tightening sensation felt just prior to climax. By resisting the natural contraction of the scrotum the Stretch provides you with a longer lasting, more powerful orgasm.
The Eight is designed to heighten pleasure by constricting the flow of blood, making for bigger, longer lasting, rock hard erections. The increased sensitivity of the penis will intensify your orgasm, leaving you and your partner more satisfied than ever before.

The success of Bathmate products resulted in 3 prestigious awards this year:
-Best Male Product received at Adultex
-Best Male Enhancement Product from Sign Magazine
-Male Brand of the Year by EAN

In 2018 we have some new and very exciting plans, all being well we will launch our very first female product, as well a completely unique add on to the pump range that takes a hydrotherapy work out to the next mind blowing level.

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