‘Bendy’ – bendable vibrators in a premium design

By on June 19, 2018

“Bendy” is the name of a new mini series from You2Toys launched by ORION wholesale. These flexible and battery-operated vibrators can be bent into the desired position and staying this way can be called into exciting action. “Bendy” vibrators are easy to handle as their 20 vibration modes can be controlled via one-button. They are made out of black, skin-friendly silicone and have a pleasant soft-touch surface. Copper-coloured elements on the shaft enhance the appearance of these handy toys, that come in five different designs.

Each “Bendy” toy comes in a modest but noble packaging with a multilingual article description. Thanks to the handy magnetic lock the packaging’s front can be easily opened and closed; the toy itself is placed behind a blister and thus can be viewed from the outside. These packagings are not only eye catchers and sales arguments but can also be arranged on a plain surface or hung up centrally. Since they are very compact there can be presented several articles on the sales area and the warehousing is space-saving as well.



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