Breath IQ Shipping Now from XGEN

By on June 21, 2018

Los Angeles, CA –XGEN Products, the leading adult products and novelties distributor, is now shipping Breath IQ, a brand new alcohol breathalyzer.

“We are pleased to offer this disposable Breath IQ breathalyzer which is in huge demand right now,” said Andy Green, president of XGEN products. “With fast results and 99.8 percent accuracy, the Breath IQ gives peace of mind and lets your customers know that it’s not safe to drive or engage in other potentially hazardous activity.”

The Breath IQ is the only FDA-approved and patented breathalyzer of its kind which provides rapid and accurate results. Contained in a durable plastic glow-in-the-dark keychain, the Breath IQ immediately lets users know if they are below the legal blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent which is the accepted limit throughout the United States for impaired driving.

“Since alcohol impairs judgement, the Breath IQ is not for testing oneself, but to test others and let them know you care,” Green said. “Impaired driving is extremely dangerous and carries immense penalties, so tell your customers to do their friends and loved ones a favor and share the love with the Breath IQ.” As part of a proven military safety program, the Breath IQ is reliable and proven to work under most conditions. Users simply remove the cap, blow into the opening and results appear instantly to demonstrate whether they are impaired.

Made for one-time use, the Breath IQ display case holds 40 units and is a consumable item which promises to invite and drive repeat sales.Retailers will want to prominently display the Breath IQ to customers who are making it an instant impulse buy.


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