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By on April 13, 2018
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The multi-talented Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationships expert as well as a TV presenter. Tracey is now living back in the UK, having spent many years in Australia, she was the Associate Editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, and also had a weekly radio show on Sydney’s 2-Day FM.

What can you tell us about sex in Australia vs sex in England?
I think the UK is a few leaps ahead in terms of acceptance of sexual diversity – same sex marriage has been legal for a while now and only just passed in Australia. Otherwise, the differences between what the average Aussie and the average Brit get up to in bed, I think are minimal. The perception that Brits are uptight and prudish about sex is outdated now. But both nations are having less sex than they were a decade ago. The world is a far more complicated place than it was and stress has an adverse effect on our libido.

You’ve already published 16 books, do you have a favourite?
Writing books was my absolute favourite thing to do in the world and I am sad that the internet means people don’t buy sex self-help books anymore.

My favourite book is the first one I wrote: Hot Sex: How to do it. I love it because I put my heart and soul into that book and it went on to become a bestseller in most countries around the world. I sold millions and it was – and still is – often the first sex book countries buy when they first start to embrace Western values. It still sells well now and I wrote it in 1999!

You also have an illustrious TV career- any favourite moments?
Lots of favourite moments! My absolute favourite TV show though was Would Like to Meet. A team of three of us helped long-term singles find love. I was the body language expert and ‘flirt queen’, Jeremy Milnes did communication and Jay Hunt did style makeovers.

That was filmed 10 years ago and back in the days when you were allowed time with contributors. We’d spend six weeks with each person which was enough time to radically change their lives. So many people named babies after us or invited us to their weddings. The show made a huge difference and people loved it.

I loved it when the three of us would sit in a van outside a restaurant and watch how the final date was going. (We’d secretly watch the contributors via a camera and analyse how it was going after we had worked with them, compared to how they started out).

You have counselled for over 20 years, what have been some of the more unusual requests?
I was once asked by a nun to help her lose her virginity to a priest. Yes really! They had met, fallen in love and run off together and were trying to have sex but physically her body wasn’t allowing her to do it. In the end they both ended up very happy!

You have been working with Lovehoney UK for some time, how did this come about?
My collaboration with Lovehoney was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’d been approached by other companies before but I wanted control over the range and I needed to trust who I was working with.

Within ten minutes of meeting Rich and Neal, the owners of Lovehoney, I was ready to sign on the dotted line.

I love working with them to develop products and work closely with Product Director Bonny Hall on all products in both the Supersex range and Edge, a range for men designed to improve their sexual performance.

My main aim with my ranges has been to produce impressive looking products, in stylish packaging, that actually work and to provide full instructions and tips on how to use them.

It’s the practical “how-to” information leaflets that I think set my ranges apart from others.

What products have you developed with them?
I have two ranges with Lovehoney. One for females and couples called Supersex and one specifically designed for men called Edge.

Supersex currently has 33 products in the range, with lots more in development. It’s got everything from kegel toner balls to anal beads, rabbit vibes and glass dildos.I think my favourites in that range are the Supersex stroker and the Supersex bullet vibrator- they get such brilliant reviews.

Edge has ten products and there are more in development. The range includes; the Optimum Pleasure Vibrating Stamina Ring, which is designed for harder, longer-lasting erections which benefits the woman too due to the vibrations which transmit to the clitoris.

The Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring is a fully adjustable ring, designed to enhance erections. Thicker and stronger than most rings, this male stamina toy also features an innovative slide-to-fit toggle for a tailored, snug fit.

The Supreme Endurance Triple Stamina Ring Set consists of three super-stretchy rings that can be worn individually or together for a varied sensation, to enhance and prolong erections. This is unlike, the Ultimate Support Double Stamina Ring which is a silicone ring designed to support the erection from beneath the shaft.

Designed to improve erectile health and performance, the Ultimate Performance Stamina Enhancing Penis Pump is a simple penis pump solution with hand held pumping bulb and quick-release valve.

The Performance Enhancer Double Stamina Ring provides a comfortable fit as it is a super-stretchy double penis ring designed for stimulation and to sustain longer erections.

The Extender Pleasure Silicone Penis Extender is sturdy realistic silicone penis extender which adds one Inch to the length and can be used for those experiencing difficulties maintaining an erection.

Developed to help to improve erections and boost sexual stamina, the Automatic Suction USB Rechargeable Penis Pump allows you to enjoy increased blood flow to your penis that may help to enlarge your erections by up to 30%. Using the pump regularly may help to ensure your erections are firm, healthy and reliable.

Extend your performance and enjoy longer lasting pleasure with the EDGE Delay cream, which is also safe for use with condoms.

A performance-enhancing tool and pleasure provider all in one, the 7 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager has been designed specifically for precise p-spot stimulation. A great beginners toy for those wishing to explore prostate play.

What can you tell us about your new toy line Tracey Cox Edge, which will be sold in the Trade?
It’s a unique range in that it’s the first mainstream range of male sex toys designed both for pleasure and to improve men’s sexual performance.

I’ve spent close on 30 years interviewing thousands of men who want to improve their sex lives and Edge is the end result of all this research.

The aim of the Edge range is to address what men are most concerned about: feeling more confident in bed and getting firmer, more reliable erections. The range is aimed at any man, straight or gay, who wants to be in peak sexual health.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, the better care you take of your penis, the better it’s going to perform.

Every product in the range is designed to enhance stamina and help make men last longer during intercourse. It uses tried and tested solutions, based on reputable sex therapy techniques and all products come with clear instructions.

The range include two different styles of penis pumps to keep his penis healthy, four different styles of penis rings to enhance erection size and strength and help him last longer, a vibrating penis ring to use during intercourse, a highly effective delay cream, a penis extender and a vibrating prostate massager.

When will this be available and where can we buy it?
It will be available from the end of January through Australian distributors- Cavista, AAPD and M Distribution.

What other exciting projects can you tell us that you are working on and when can we expect to see these?
I recently got married so, for once in my life, I am focusing on NOT doing anything new for the near future! Having said that, there are six brand new products for both ranges in the pipeline to launch around April.

If you could have anything, how would your ideal date night unfold?
As a one off, it would start with business class flights to the south of France, then move onto a fabulous hotel, dinner in a fantastic restaurant, then back to the hotel for wild sex (of course).

In reality, the perfect date night for my husband and I is a night on the sofa watching a foreign box set and drinking wine. We love Nordic Noir and anything French!

A Synergy interview with Tracey Cox


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