Kayden Kross Sales Spike with Rollout of The Ultimate Fleshlight Texture

By on March 29, 2018

Los Angeles, CA – Adult Star and multi-award-winning actress Kayden Kross now has a brand new texture for her fans to enjoy, the Ultimate Fleshlight.

Kross went to great lengths in the creation of this brand new Fleshlight product for her signature series. “The creation of Ultimate Signature Fleshlight has become one of the biggest endeavors of my professional career. I spent over 18 months to create a compilation of features that make up existing top selling Fleshlights, so I could give my fans the best possible experiences.”

Kross has already seen a significant spike in sales in less than a month after the release of The Ultimate.

The placement of the elastic Real Feel Superskin™ pliable rubber ‘ribs’ and nubs inside each of the men’s masturbators’ sleeves are by Kross’ own design, selected from a compilation of features that make up existing Fleshlight best-sellers and by gathering detailed fan feedback.

“I went to Reddit, I scoured over conventions, I took to social media, and I put in the time to go through sales numbers of other Fleshlight products to create the ultimate Fleshlight texture. Now that these are finally on the market as of this month, the results of the tireless work I put into are already being reflected in the sales of both of these incredible products.”

The Ultimate signature channeled sleeves stretch to uniquely accommodate users’ various sizes and girth, gently massaging with just the right amount of air flow and suction within the device that’s sure to satisfy with every stroke.

The new body-safe, non-toxic and phthalate-free tactile sensations are available for use with the Kayden Kross signature Fleshlight models, in addition to her Lotus, Mini-Lotus and original Bookworm texture.

“I already know that fans are loving it, and I couldn’t be happier,” said Kross. “Designing these sleeves was truly a team effort and I’m excited to continue to make as many men as possible aware of these incredible products. I can’t wait to start hearing about and reading reviews on the product. There are a lot of sensations available on the market now, and I truly believe this is the ultimate one.”

Find Kayden Kross’ official Fleshlight at Fleshlight.com/products/kayden-kross.


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