Lovehoney’s Sabrina takes over Ohio

By on December 19, 2017
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Lovehoney’s Sales Manager Sabrina Earnshaw has just returned from a trip to Columbus, Ohio where she attended the Lions Den Tradeshow and had staff trainings at The Garden.

Sabrina’s first stop was to the Lions Den Tradeshow in Columbus, where she had Fifty Shades Freed The Official Pleasure Collection, tokidoki x Lovehoney, BlowYo and Broad City on display.

“We had so many compliments on how the Fifty Shades Freed collection is the best we have had, the Ten Days of Play and Fifty Shades Freed Awash with Sensation Mains Wand Vibrator being the two items which stood out the most to those there,” commented Earnshaw.

Following on from the show, Sabrina visited customer The Garden, also based in Columbus, to do staff trainings on the brand new Fifty Shades Freed Official Pleasure Collection and brand new tokidoki x Lovehoney Limited Edition wands.

“It was great to work with the brilliant team at The Garden and get them really excited about our brand new ranges just in time for the Fifty Shades phenomena ahead of the movie. The fact Cosmopolitan covered the Freed range in a video on social media also had them very excited ahead of the trainings,” concluded Earnshaw.

The Garden in Columbus is now stocking Fifty Shades Freed Official Pleasure Collection, tokidoki x Lovehoney and BlowYo in their store.

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