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By on October 23, 2018
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I have over 18 year’s experience in the lingerie and luxury retail world managing the brand strategy, creative design, merchandising and development of a multitude of luxury and commercial brands. Before Coco de Mer, I held director positions at brands including La Perla, Bendon and Victoria’s Secret in addition to developing and launching David Beckham’s Bodywear line. In 2014, Lovehoney headhunted me to be the MD for Coco de Mer. In 2017, I completed the MBO and am now owner and CEO of Coco de Mer.

A typical day:
I get up early, check my emails, walk my little Maltese Charlie (who comes to the office with me), see my trainer and then head to the office for 9am. I take the lead on all lingerie and product design so I love to sit down with my team of designers and brainstorm new product and design ideas.

We have an extraordinary and dedicated team at Coco de Mer, and we are always looking to develop new areas of the
business, collaborate with like-minded brands and constantly work to excite and delight our customers. Retail is
challenging, and quite rightly, customers demand incredible service and want to feel special and be constantly surprised.

More and more, luxury is becoming about experiences and time in addition to products. At Coco de Mer we are in a
fortunate position to offer both. I love to visit our London boutique – our retail team are at the centre of the brand and I always want to hear customer feedback. My day will then be filled with meetings – part product based and part focusing on the growth of the business worldwide.

We’ve worked with some of our suppliers for 15 years (whether they may be a London-based leather bondage studio or
an European lingerie factory or a British latex maker) – and recently we have developed some amazing new relationships with additional suppliers. My passion for Coco de Mer keeps me motivated every day and I love the variety of my role.

The most significant influence in my working career was/is…
I have had the great fortune, over the course of my career, of working for, and with, some of the great minds in lingerie. And, I have been and still am surrounded by so many people from whom I learn so much. Talented, passionate people are natural teachers, and I’m thankful to have such a close group of great influences.

Last book I read…
Stretchonomics by Nick Pye, The Secret Garden by Nancy Friday

Favourite movie/TV show
Thomas Crown Affair

My favourite place…
Palm Springs. The architecture, the weather, the mountains, the calm…

My favourite meal…
Spaghetti cacio e pepe

What I wanted to be when I was growing up…
A film director

What would most people not know about me..
That when I retire I want to open up a luxury dog’s home for stray and abandoned dogs. Animal abuse is beyond my

When I’m not working I’d rather be doing..
Walking as much as possible, always a long lunch with friends, family and my Maltese Charlie, time with a great book, and when available, a great film.

What I like best about my job..
Our partnerships are core to how we bring excitement and delight to our customers time and time again. Whether it is our capsule collections with Pamela Anderson and The V&A Museum, our work with Sotheby’s on their wildly successful Erotic Art Auction, or our very exciting upcoming work with Playboy, we believe that so many things are better, and more powerful done together. I am so passionate about the brand and I love it all – from working on the shop floor and meeting our customers face to face, to discovering new brands to add to our edit and developing our own lingerie collections each

If I could change one thing..
There would be more hours in the day!


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