Magic Silk Rolls Out New Lingerie Packaging

By on August 3, 2018
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Hauppauge, NY, -The old adage says that “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and that may be true. But lingerie is a different matter altogether. Magic Silk has always maintained that quality products deserve quality packaging, and they produce some of the finest in the intimate apparel industry.

Artful, high quality photography, imaginative graphics and state-of-the-art printing combine to produce boxes that are upscale, contemporary and fresh. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever, and they respond well to visuals that catch the eye and affect the emotions. Magic Silk’s design team strives to create packaging that commands attention and generates strong interest.

Earlier this year, Magic Silk introduced new packaging that better showcases their beautiful lingerie. Customer response has been outstanding and reorders plentiful. Changes include lighter, brighter backgrounds that more effectively accentuate garments and allow them to stand out. Packaging displays now offer better visibility, drawing customers to the merchandise. The new Exposed lingerie box features embossed logos and is framed in a spot UV quatrefoil pattern. The Queen Size version is printed in a champagne color, and additional color schemes are used for other categories within the brand.

Yes, you can judge a garment by the box that contains it. Magic Silk knows what customers want and retailers need. When it comes to sleek, classy and enticing packaging, they really have it covered.


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