Male Power Release Iron Clad

By on October 9, 2018
245 - Irod Clad

Hauppauge, NY – Iron Clad looks hard and feels soft. The latest underwear fashion from Male Power is tailor-made for the powerful male.

Made from a high tech material with rubber like qualities, this garment is ultra thin and pliable. It is made with lightweight, breathable poly spandex to ensure comfort. The fabric has a subtle texturized pattern and a sleek, polished finish.

Contrasting black mesh pouches with extending inserts circle the hips and rear. A color coordinated essential waistband completes this industrial, minimalist masterpiece.

Three popular body types are available: Iron Clad Short, Iron Clad Bikini and Iron Clad Thong. All are available for immediate delivery.

Add a little iron to your intimate apparel. Iron Clad is mucho macho and hot as molten steel.


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