Manifest New York Appointed Creative Comms Agency for Sex Expo NY

By on May 31, 2018

New York, – The world’s biggest sexual wellness event, Sex Expo, has appointed creative comms agency, Manifest New York, to support its two-day celebration of all things sex. Taking place this September in New York, Sex Expo features talks and workshops hosted by top sexperts and showcases cutting-edge products and services designed to empower guests to achieve a healthier, happier sex life.

After working with premium sex toy company Hot Octopuss for five years, and picking up a number of industry accolades for the work, Manifest NYC was perfectly poised to create a campaign to get America hot and bothered about the upcoming event.

Jessica Becker, Director of USA & Canada at Manifest NYC said: “When we asked the Sex Expo organizers how brave they wanted to be on a scale of 1 – 10 and they replied 11, we knew we had found a perfect partner. We were drawn to Sex Expo not just because they do something big and bold, but also because they want to make a difference.”

In the past two years, Manifest has unleashed a variety of sex-focused campaigns onto Manhattan; including a masturbation booth in a disused phonebooth, a sex therapist on wheels driving around the streets of NYC and the world’s first female orgasm pop-up in the Lower East Side. The campaign for Sex Expo aims to drive similar levels of awareness for this world-class event.

Becker continues: “At Manifest New York, we seek brands aiming to make the world a better place and Sex Expo is doing this by opening up and embracing the world of sex, in all its beautiful forms. We can’t wait to show the USA what we have up our sleeve this time.” “Partnering with a sex-positive, progressive firm like Manifest New York was a natural choice us,” Sex Expo Media Director Sara Ramirez said. “We look forward to collaborating together to bring even more attention to our groundbreaking event and all of its cutting edge exhibitors and educators.”

Sex Expo takes place on September 22nd and 23rd at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York.

More information, scheduling and free tickets are available via:


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