New Spinner Display Stands from Magic Silk and Male Power

By on October 26, 2018

Exposed and Male Power are showing off. Their new, branded spinner stands attractively display a lot of fine merchandise in a modest amount of space.

Created for either of the popular brands, these units are constructed of lightweight aluminum and clear acrylic. They are coated with metallic gloss powder for an upscale look that befits the trendy, high quality fashions presented.

The displays sit on a weighted base to assure stability. Easy glide ball bearings enable the unit to spin effortlessly. Plastic prongs are custom painted to match the rack.

The Male Power rack has 70 pegs and holds 350 units. The Exposed rack has 40 pegs and holds 160 units. Despite such an impressive volume, these displays have a surprisingly small foot print. But they produce very big results.

Spinner stands: a “revolutionary” way to enhance your retail sales. They are now in stock and ready for shipment.


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