Pepee – Japan’s No.1 Water Based Lubricant Now in Australia

By on December 3, 2018
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Indooroopilly, QLD – In partnership with Nakajima Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Japan, Eroticgel Australia is the first and sole distributor of Japans No.1 sexual lotion, Pepee. Pepee lubricant which is commonly referred to as Pepe Lotion ペペローション has been the most popular brand in Japan for the last 20 years.

Pepee Lotion is a highly concentrated water-based lubricant that is comparably thicker than other European brands. It has a silky texture, long lasting and due to its high concentration level, only a small amount is needed. It is due to this high concentration that Pepee Lotion is Japan’s most popular. Due to its high viscosity the lotion stays in place which is great for toy use and anal play.

Pepee Lotion is already an established brand in Japan with over 15 varieties of lotion which can suit anyone’s requirement. As it is already well established and tested, Eroticgel Australia can provide a variety of types to meet your specific clientele.

The standard size is 360ml, but some varieties allow 50ml and 200ml options, although the 360ml bottle is the most popular and well known of the sizes.

Entering December, Christmas has come early for the team at Eroticgel Australia, receiving three large shipments to get us through Christmas and into the New Year. Firstly, our first regular shipment of Pepee has arrived. Adjusting to consumer demands, these shipments will be more regular and increase in size. Now for the big news, the sheets! The black waterproof fitted sheets have arrived and they don’t disappoint. Already on sale in a variety of stores and performing well, the black waterproof fitted sheet will surely become a staple for the avid adventurer in the bedroom, alongside a bottle of Pepee water-based lubricant of course.

We have also just received our shipment of super thick water-based massage lotion. For those that know Nuru massage, then this product would be for you. It also contains extra properties and a moisturising agent, to keep your skin feeling smooth and fresh long after the massage. Photos of these products will be released soon. Just organising the professional photographer now.

Eroticgel products are now available in 13 Brisbane stores and slowly following suit, becoming an online presence. As the reputation and knowledge of Pepee is increased, I am sure people’s motivations to get it on their online stores will follow suit. What I do know is for the companies that sell it online, I am needing to restock them at a higher rate than those that only have it available in store.

Eroticgel Australia has a focus of supplying high quality Japanese adult products. Predominantly this is Pepee, the leading water-based lubricant, but why not branch off and provide happiness to more people? Well if you check out our website, we are also moving to supply adult toys and clothing, focusing on high quality school girl uniforms. Watch this space and it should be available in stores soon once product quality testing has been completed.

As Eroticgel Australia is a local Brisbane start-up, we focused our advertising locally and to a specific market. This had a mixed response but overall it was positive and we where able to learn and adapt our future focus. Remember this business was only an idea on a piece of paper a few months ago.

Pepee is a well-known product in Japan, but in Australia it is relatively new and unknown. Pepee’s variety, silkiness and thickness make it stand out above the rest, and the shop staff need to educate the customers on this. To aid in this education a spreadsheet of Pepee’s most popular water-based lubricants has been compiled, almost a cheat sheet for which lube will work best for you. This will be made available to all stores and is recommended to be displayed online in conjunction with the product images.

Starting in mid-December, Eroticgel Australia will be advertising in the Synergy. By grabbing the bull by the horns and going directly to the people that make the decisions about what products to sell. In the future, Eroticgel Australia will run concurrent advertising campaigns, but right now we are trying to iron out the creases.

As Eroticgel Australia wants to go nationwide and the team is Brisbane based, we are looking to update our website so stores all over Australia can make purchase requests. Once this starts happening, we will get on the road (preferably a plane) and go to these stores to track the development and see what help we can provide. Furthermore, we are expanding our range of good, increasing customer support and overall grow as a company.

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