Pipedream Products Sends Thanks to Calvista and Australian Customers

By on May 17, 2018
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Chatsworth, CA – Pipedream recently repeated their 2017 wins at the 2018 AdultEx Awards in Australia by garnering the Company of the Year and Customer’s Choice awards for the second year in a row. We realize this monumental feat couldn’t have been accomplished without the help and support of Calvista and their retail partners and we would like to send them our sincere thanks and gratitude.

“Pipedream is the well-deserved winner of the ADULTEX Company of the Year Award. Pipedream has been a tremendous partner of Calvista for over 15 years, and no doubt a favourite of our retailers winning the Customer Choice Award for the last two years,” said Roger Sheldon-Collins, General Manager of Calvista.

Roger went on to say “Calvista is grateful for Pipedream’s ongoing support of ADULTEX and the themed Gala Event. The Pipedream brand continues to grow in Australia and New Zealand every year, and with their new range of products being presented at ADULTEX 2018, it will be another amazing year of growth with our biggest vendor partner.”

In addition, Malcom Day had this to add, “I’ve been the managing director of Calvista since 1999 and over the years have had the pleasure of witnessing the extraordinary transformation of Pipedream. Pipedream has evolved from a manufacturer of relatively basic adult novelties to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality sophisticated adult products. And, importantly, not only for distributors like Calvista but also adult retailers, their products sell! Pipedream is the well deserved recipient of many of the industry’s top awards including AdultEx awards. I look forward to the expected continued evolution of Pipedream. Congratulations!”

Thousands of votes from retailers of all sizes and in virtually every part of Australia and New Zealand were counted for this year’s AdultEx Awards and the Pipedream team is thrilled to have taken top honors. With strong partner’s like Calvista, Pipedream Products will continue to grow and become better and better.

“I want to thank Calvista and our always supportive retailers. The way you support our brand is very much appreciated and it means the world to us,” said Briana Honz, senior sales executive at Pipedream Products. “We dedicate 100% to ensure your needs are met and strive to continue a successful relationship together. The Customer Choice award is the most valuable honor that can be received in our eyes. Hard work pays off and our dedication to our customers always takes priority.”

The Pipedream team is humbled by these recognitions and know it’s due to all our valued partnerships.



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