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By on January 11, 2018
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Germany’s Joy Division brand offers a broad selection of adult items: massage oils, sponge tampons, cock rings and the ubiquitous lube and vibrators, yet somehow we were still surprised to be sent the cheeky AllroundFESSELN Adventure Set for review.

A quick Google search reveals that Fesseln translates to Tie-up, which is more than appropriate for a range of German items providing a variety of accoutrements for beginners to bondage. Each of the three AllroundFESSELN sets is sold in glossy red cardboard packaging featuring an image of a naked brunette lightly bound in cuffs and posing provocatively.

The AllroundFESSELN Adventure Set we received contained a pair of cuffs and an eye mask. The eye mask was a nice inclusion: made with acetate, polyamide and a 100% cotton inlay, it was suitably dense and prevented sight as intended, allowing the remaining senses to come to the fore.

The cuffs can be used for the wrists or ankles – the choice is yours – and are made of polyester, meaning they’re softer than your average pair of metal handcuffs, plus the need for bolt-cutters is entirely negated should you lose the key in your excitement (been there done that!). The cuffs are comfortable and suitable for all genders as they’re long yet totally adjustable to fit anyone. They feature a satisfying width-wide Velcro fastening, and plastic clips that may not be nearly as strong as professional bondage sets but as a result are a lot less intimidating with it. Use these clips to fasten the wearer’s hands or feet together in the cuffs either behind or in front of their body, or to attach your bound partner to any ropes (or bondage furniture) you may have lying around the house.

With its traditional contents and simple packaging the AllroundFESSELN Adventure Set is a great starter set for beginners to bondage, as not only can you clearly see what you get before you buy – rendering the contents immediately less threatening – but with no whips, chains, paddles or ball-gags this particular kit’s not going to intimidate anyone too much, especially in soft material with Velcro fastenings. As Joy Division neatly summarise, the items are ‘Comfortable and pleasant to wear’. Altogether the AllroundFESSELN Adventure Set is a gentle introduction to a broad spectrum of sexuality.


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