Review- Bumper Thrust Buffer – Perfect Fit Brand

By on September 5, 2018
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After nearly two decades working in the erotic industry it takes a lot to pique my interest, and Perfect Fit is one of the few Adult brands to consistently innovate and inspire. Time and again Perfect Fit CEO Steve Callow and his team reinvent the wheel: these guys think of everything – and then some.

As Callow himself commented, ‘Deep or hard thrusting is really fun for those who can handle it, but for those who can’t it makes sex undesirable.’

So, when Perfect Fit offered a potential solution to my oversized excitement with their Bumper Thrust Buffer, I embraced it with both hands (see what I did there?)!


Claiming to ‘Reduce Penetration Depth’ and to ‘Cushion For Intimacy’, The Bumper Thrust Buffer fits over the penis like an extra-thick cock ring, with a second hole for the scrotum to slip through. The chunkiest part of the ring sits around the base of the cock, cleverly shaped at an angle to reduce the length of the penis by a centimetre or two.

Steve explained to Synergy that ‘The Bumper idea came from retailers telling me that they like using [chunky, Perfect Fit cock ring] the Cruiser as a device to cushion.’ Taking this a step further, the brand added the Donut Buffer – a big bouncy ring, similar to the Cruiser – to The Bumper Thrust Buffer package, in order to shorten the penetrative part of the cock even further.

Rather brilliantly, you can buy additional Donut Buffers separately, but luckily, I was sent the entire kit to test in each of the two available black and clear coloured versions. So, with one black and one clear donut added to The Bumper I was finally ready to – as the official tagline went – Never Hold Back Again!

I’ll leave the next part to creator Steve Callow, ‘One thing that I didn’t anticipate is how fun The Bumper™ is just to use for intercourse or anal sex even when discomfort isn’t an issue. It simply makes that moment of repeated connection between partners really different, and you can just go to town and both love it.’

In a world full of hyperbole, it’s rare to find something that lives up the hype. With The Bumper however, all and any positive superlatives are fully justified. For myself at least, this Thrust Buffer’s the Perfect Fit.


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