Review – Commotion – BMS Factory

By on March 2, 2018
Commotion Samba 800

The Canadian team at BMS has recently branched out into fresh territory with a new range of rabbit vibes called Commotion (tagline, Let It Move You).

Take the Samba: it might look innocuous enough, but turn the shaft on at the base button and it soon becomes clear there’s something very special going on. VERY LOUDLY. That’s right, it seems the name Commotion could not be more apt: this is not a vibrator made for a secretive self-pleasuring session in a shared house.

Instead, it’s very resolutely focused on your pleasure and yours alone as the shaft corkscrews like a deep-sea oil drill, determined to hit its target no matter what obstacle it encounters: Roommates? Parents? Children? Who cares – the Samba will make you orgasm because that’s what it’s designed to do (Must. Make. User. Come)!

It’s actually kind of fascinating to hold the Samba’s shaft in your hands as the metal whisk twists and turns in three different sections under the soft silicone surface. It’s robotic enough to verge on the intimidating, primed to excite and terrify in equal measures. Once in place the sensation is a bit like a Magimix let loose in your pants. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact, once you get over the rumble emanating from your insides, the Samba is surprisingly spectacular!

The ‘triple clitoral shape’ of the clit-stim is operated separately from the shaft, enabling the user to select the 7-function stimulation combination of their choosing. It’s soft enough to mould around most body shapes without pinching, and buzzy enough to please those of us for whom a mains-powered wand is a step too far.

Phthalate-free, waterproof and rechargeable the Samba comes in a fruity Plum or Raspberry colour and is competitively priced along the same lines as its sister Swan line. However, unlike the Swan rabbits the Samba is a vibrator whose deep rumbles will make the earth move for you and your neighbours. Well, that’s one way to break the ice… You have been warned!


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