Review – Fleshlight Turbo Thrust – Fleshlight

By on December 12, 2018

I’m sure any overgrown teenagers will be as subconsciously drawn to Fleshlight’s Turbo range as I was. Comprising the Turbo Ignition and Turbo Thrust, both available in Copper and transparent Blue Ice, I chose the Turbo Thrust in Blue Ice because it sounded like an amalgamation of Tron, Top Gun and Zoolander (what can I say, I’m susceptible to subliminal marketing!).

Since I’ve acquired multiple male masturbators over the years and all those tits, lips and bits have made our home look like a prosthetics whorehouse from some horror film, I liked the Turbo Thrust’s futuristic transparency and its non-anatomical entrance.

Although still not long or wide enough for me, since the Turbo was not as tight as other Fleshlights, it felt far more comfortable than others I’ve tried. It also felt more like a blowjob, thanks to its clever design mimicking lips, tongue and throat: three different areas with three very different sensations which for me combined to make thrice the fun. I happily enjoyed the teasing, sucking and slurping of the toy’s entrance on my tip, which felt even better on the way out than the way in.

Ever the consummate professional (pun intended), there are a few drawbacks of the Fleshlight Turbo range I should mention. Firstly, although you can cleverly tighten the cap at the far end of the canal to make suction as intense as you like, even screwed tightly closed you might hear the toy whistling as air escapes.

Secondly, possibly because of the three-tier entrance (lips, tongue, throat) it’s louder than my other masturbators and there’s even more of the usual queefing.

Thirdly, despite the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust’s internal 8½ inches being too small for me personally, externally at 9¾” this cock-in-a-can is a big beast so you’d need somewhere discreet to store it.

My concluding two cents: to make the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust less passion-killer chiller and more lifelike, run warm water through it before use. Finally, buy the optional Fleshlight Shower Mount for added hand-free fun, no Betamax required!


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