Review – Gjack2 – Gvibe

By on March 2, 2018
Gjack2_Tiffany 800

I absolutely adore this Gjack2. From the moment it arrived in the lovely cylindrical case with the exquisite artwork, to unpacking the ultra-soft vibe with its pure white satin pouch, vibrant red charge cable and adorable visual instructions, it just has class oozing all over.

Visually stimulating, this 24cm slimline vibrator in the coolest of cool, tiffany mint hue tone and contrasting silver chrome accents would be equally at home on a marble coffee table or the swankiest of night clubs amongst titanium smart phones and crystal glass ware.

Intuitive ergonomics make this toy a dream to use. Three push buttons that alight upon usage. The Plus button controls the 10 vibration strengths stepping upward, the Minus button decreases the vibration strength and the Mode button alternates between the 6 various undulations. Simples.

The unit is well balanced during usage and designed clearly and/or with design input by females as this unit hits all the right buttons. The controls are easily adjusted during usage, slightly raised and with tactile indentations allowing identification by touch (not just by sight).

Strength wise I was more than happy with the Gjack2. It is not the most silent of vibrators but there is no noisy high pitched wasp irritation just a reassuring hum of electric motors doing what they should be doing under a thick silicone casing.

I love the soft bioskin material, it is ultra-soft and slightly squishy to touch with the ribbed undulations provided added stimulation and appeal. Girth wise, the 4cm diameter is adequate and the provided USB magnetic cable which has enough magnentic strength to not fall off, makes charging a breeze.

Run time is 4 hours according to the manufacturer, comes with a travel lock and don’t forget 100% waterproof for downtime in the bath and easy clean up.

I’m loving the attention to detail in the manufacturing and products by Gvibe and think this company is possibly underrated, they are producing world class toys and I cant wait to get hold of some of their other items.



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