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By on December 20, 2018

Multifun 1 and 2 may initially look identical, but there are a few differences. Aimed at the female market, Multifun 2 – the pink model, obvs – is 5mm wider and 7g heavier than its blue brother, offering slightly wider and more substantial arms than the Multifun 1 for increased clitoral coverage.

The male-orientated Multifun 1 model in blue (sigh…) has slimmer tongs than its sister for easier insertion into an accommodating orifice. The ends also rest closer together, enabling a male user to grip his cock between the two pleasure arms more easily.

This is where the three different motors come in useful, as there’s one in each pincer end of the U and a third in the rounded base, making a grand total of 100 combinations of vibration controlled through two buttons at the bottom. Along with the controls, the underside of this base is gently ribbed to impart pleasure to the wearer, and so that it can be used on its own as a clitoral stimulator.

In addition to its many vibration combinations, the flexible shape of each Satisfyer Multifun enables the user to place its pincer ends around the nipples, labia and clitoral area, or underneath the perineum and around the penis. Since Satisfyer claim there are more than fourteen ways to use the Multifun toys, they provide a handy guide to help illustrate all the options. However, Synergy’s guess is that depending on your sexual preferences, number of partners or styles of play, if you’re feeling inventive you could probably come up with a few more!

The Satisfyer Multifun toys are matte but feel especially silky to the touch, and the vibrations from the three motors are perfectly adequate. But while the ethos behind the Multifun 1 & 2 is sound – i.e. more possibilities for more users means more fun – it’s almost as though in trying to be something for everyone the toy misses its mark entirely. But being waterproof, Multifun is ideal for bathroom fun, and it’s here – in this simple example of its portability and ironically, versatility that – once you get past the option overwhelm, each toy hits its stride.

So, as a couple’s first introduction to sex toys, a lightweight, one-size-fits-all travel toy or to pop in a washbag for a play-party, Satisfyer’s Multifun 1 or 2 is a perfectly acceptable choice: it may not blow your mind, but it will add fourteen frissons of fun without breaking the bank. Fair to middling.
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