Review – Nature’s Pocket Kegel Balls – Lovehoney

By on May 3, 2018

Now into its fourth season on Comedy Central, Broad City has been amassing an increasing following with each new episode thanks to its strong female leads Illana and Abbi who also write the show, naming the central characters after themselves.

Despite never having watched the TV show, I’ve been intrigued in the Broad City collaboration with Lovehoney since its launch last autumn. Quite apart from the name, immediately the uber-confident bright pink, blue and yellow shades of the collection stand out from the general run-of-the-mill sex toy colour scheme: already these are sex toys with attitude.

Quotes from Broad City are scrawled over each item, and even though I miss every reference there’s no mistaking the chutzpah of it all. For example, the Love Egg Vibrator sports the instructions, “Woah, butt-lovers: this toy isn’t a booty buddy, so no putting it up your ass. OK?” I confess, they had me at ‘butt-lovers’.

We were sent the Nature’s Pocket Kegel Balls, so named after a scene (S01 E02) where…um…this happens:
Abbi, “You just pulled a bag of pot out of your vagina”
Illana, “It’s in a bag. And, you know, the ‘vay-yine-yah’ is nature’s pocket. It’s – it’s natural and it’s responsible.”

Complete with their own ‘top-secret stash space’ à la Illana above, the Kegel Balls comprise two hollow balls made of hard pink transparent ABS plastic, each containing a round 45g weight inside. The balls are held in place by a silicone cord with a tail for easy removal, just like a tampon. You can easily pop the balls out from the holder to give them a thorough clean, and if they feel too heavy they can be unscrewed to remove one or both the weights, then refilled with whatever you like (promise we won’t tell!). Just remember to use water-based lube to help pop the Kegel Balls back into your…ahem…Nature’s Pocket.

Beginners to Kegel Balls are recommended to start wearing them with their preferred internal weights for fifteen minutes at a time, whilst those more experienced in vaginal muscle toners could quite comfortably wear the Broad City version for the commute to work or a trip to the supermarket. We can’t promise it’ll make it any sexier though – the feeling is functional rather than erotic.

Usually cynical about the integrity behind marketing collaborations (sports events and fast-food brands being an obvious incongruity), pleasingly there’s a clear link between Broad City and sex toys – the pegging scene in Series 2 being the perfect example.

Yes, after a lengthy dive into official clips on YouTube I emerged better educated about Broad City and certainly better entertained. The TV series may well have passed me by, but now I’ve seen Lovehoney’s equally joyful and humorous sex toy merch I’ll be investing time and money in both. Fun!


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