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By on July 5, 2018
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Erotic electro stimulation – or ‘e-stim’ – has gone mainstream: what was previously a niche market has flourished under the expert eye of British company Cyrex, who launched the ElectraStim label back in 2001.

Winners of innumerable international Erotic Industry accolades, two years ago ElectraStim won the ETO as well as Adultex ‘Most Innovative Male Product’ awards for their groundbreaking male masturbator, the Jack Socket. Impressively, they also won the ‘BDSM Pleasure Products Company of 2018’ XBIZ Award.

In part, ElectraStim has gone from strength to strength due to its Silicone Noir range of insertables. Unlike electric metal pinwheels, nipple clamps and urethral sounds, the collection contains absolutely nothing that could conceivably be construed as scary. Instead, it features a range of familiar looking silky silicone dildos, butt plugs and kegel balls. Yes, this is exactly what the e-stim community needed to move forward: vanilla-coated kink for the uninitiated, a gentle introduction to a once hardcore underground scene.

With its 2mm bi-polar twin contact, Ovid is the perfect example of the Silicone Noir line – you just need an electro stimulator to get it working (we recommend ElectraStim’s Flick Duo EM80). Compared to my unforgiving and enormous aluminium Rocket from the main range, thanks to its ‘medical grade platinum silicone’ Ovid is soft and warm to the touch, accessible at 125cm insertable length and manageable at 38mm across its widest point. It’s flexible, malleable, deal-able with-able. So much so, that it’s suitable for vaginal and anal play – the perfect couple’s toy!

The finger ring at the base of Ovid is a truly fantastic feature, preventing the toy from being swallowed up by the sphincter and enabling the user to enjoy a healthy thrusting movement, despite dollops of slippery, water-based lube. In fact, the only thing to dislike about Ovid are the seams running all the way around its length, where the two halves were joined during production: firstly because it seems a shame to ruin the aesthetics of such a smoothly sexy object, and secondly because the grooves necessitate a toothbrush to ensure a truly hygienic clean.

That said; I have faith that once the manufacturing process allows it, Ovid’s inadvertent ridges will be removed. After all, when word got back to ElectraStim that the initial Jack Socket proved too small for some users and reviewers (Mr More included), ElectraStim responded by designing a bigger sleeve option. Happy days!

And herein lies the secret of ElectraStim’s success: its parent company Cyrex genuinely listens to its client base, rectifying, updating, and continuously pushing the boundaries of e-stim product design and function worldwide. In bringing e-stim to the masses they’ve succeeded in making the exceptional acceptable and the intimidating approachable.

The proof as they say is in the pudding, and these ever-inventive chefs are at the top of their game.


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