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By on February 27, 2019

In our sex chest (a happy occupational hazard!), we store a selection of Satisfyer toys. So, when we received the Pro 3 Vibration we were intrigued, as rather surprisingly it lacked resemblance to the rest of the Satisfyer range.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration resembles a stylish black tapered cylinder with a flared base and gently rounded tip. The tip is close to the control buttons and, on the opposite side, to the two connecting points of the magnetic battery charger. Meanwhile, the round suction ring is situated slightly off-centre at the wider end, just beyond a shiny Satisfyer-esque rose-gold band.

Waterproof and rechargeable, the Pro 3 Vibration offers a mind-boggling ‘110 combination options’ thanks to its eleven intensity settings and ten vibration settings which can be enjoyed both together or apart – a pretty impressive total. Admittedly, 110 possibilities could prove a little confusing for some users, who during sessions of self-love might prefer a simple point-and-shoot to an overwhelming variety of choice.

Additionally, unlike the gold Pro 2 Vibration with its slightly raised, contrasting white plastic control panel, the Pro 3 Vibration has infinitely classier – yet much trickier – buttons to operate, set streamlined under the dark silicone surface. Unfortunately, these are not the easiest essentials to locate at the best of times with touch or sight, let alone during the throes of passion.

However, for a product billed by its manufacturers as ‘The best Satisfyer of all time’, the Pro 3 Vibration definitely enjoys a suitably slick and sexy appearance. Its black medical-grade silicone makes it as gorgeous to behold as it is to hold.

Speaking of which, did you know the Satisfyer Pro 2 ‘Next Gen’ et al were a response to customer requests for a quieter toy? Consumers had also asked for softer options than the initial Pro 2 toys provided on their lowest settings, and happily Satisfyer acquiesced accordingly – hence the Next Gen upgrades.

Since Satisfyer is renowned for listening to its clientele, it would be wonderful if they could raise the controls of the Pro 3 Vibration and make them easier for our fingers to find (yes, on this occasion we’d happily sacrifice elegance for functionality). And with regards style, if the company could roll out the same soft-touch silicone finish as the Pro 3 Vibration to the rest of the rose-gold range, well – we’d be thrilled. Literally.
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