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By on September 5, 2018
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Brit brand Rocks-Off are renowned for releasing fun, innovative designs and a great example of this is the Rocks-Off collection, recently presented at the annual summer ANME event in LA. We were sent four vibrators from the range, named Crimson Kiss, Scarlet Velvet, Red Alert and Rouge Allure. You may already have guessed from these lipstick-like labels that the colour scheme chosen for the collection – perfectly matched to its ‘Feel Your Heart Flutter’ slogan – is a deep romantic red.

I say romantic, because quite apart from the tender Truly Yours name, each glossy black toy box has the sweetest label integrated into the back of it: a simple white square framed by decorative gold swirls, contains the words To: and From: printed in matching gold font. It’s just the cutest gift packaging!

Meanwhile, the vibrators themselves begin at the classic Rocks-Off 90mm size (shiny red Crimson Kiss and matt Scarlet Velvet) that each take one AAA battery, up through the mid-size Red Alert at 120mm taking two AAA batteries, ending at the biggest Yours Truly model, the 160mm Rouge Allure which takes two AA batteries. Full points for including said batteries in the purchase! As with the majority of Rocks-Off bullets, the dimension of each vibrator in the Yours Truly range is embossed smartly on its length (ie: RO90mm) along with the brand logo.

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As we tried each vibrator in turn, it was evident that the bigger the vibrator the more powerful it felt. Surprisingly, they were all fairly quiet – no off-putting high-pitched mosquito buzz with the smallest 90mm Crimson Kiss and Scarlet Velvet bullets (the latter’s matt red being my favourite shade), and just a lovely deep rumble with the longest 160mm Rouge Allure.

Notwithstanding the difference in size, each vibrator is designed to be 100% waterproof, comes with a twelve-month guarantee, and boasts ten functions that combine three constant speeds with seven vibration patterns. These are operated by a soft button at the base of the toy, a simple design ideal for avoiding frustration during moments of intense passion – because we’ve all had sex toys with programmable features which are waaaay too complicated. To turn each Rocks-Off vibrator off, just hold the button down for a few seconds: again, easy-peasy.

Arguably, the main strength of Rocks-Off lies in offering ‘simple yet effective’ products – as their latest line demonstrates. Reasonably priced and reassuringly on-message, the brand’s Yours Truly Collection is excellently positioned for a rosy sales outlook. The future is red.


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