Rock On Releases Fresh New His/Her Sexual Energy Formula

By on June 8, 2018
rock on

Los Angeles, CA- Rock On® is offering a fresh new approach to the Sexual Enhancement category by focusing on “Natural Sexual Energy” a potential is a game changer for the adult industry. Rock On has updated the focus, flavors and formulas to hit the adult industry target market.

In recent years we have seen the transition from using so called sexual supplements for erectile dysfunction to now using them for that extra pep and zing in the bedroom. Rock On has been spearheading this change with their “Recreational Enhancement” approach to the category.

“Energy shots are so popular in every other retail environment from Convenience Stores, drug stores and even hardware stores because people are looking for that extra energy boost.” Said Rock’n Products President Keith Caggiano “Offering a sexual energy boost to couples who just made a big exciting purchase can ensure that they can be up, in tune and turned on to enjoy their time together. ”

Rock On recently received a coveted “O” Award as the 2018 Sexual Enhancement Line of The Year. Since Rock On was launched in 2009 it has been a multiple winner of the prestigious best sexual enhancement award in both 2012 and 2013. Rock On has also been featured at many Rock Concerts, events and famously received a cameo on TV’s Bad Girls Club where all of the girls drank, what they called “horny juice” or Rock On sex shots for her and ended up in the hot tub with each other.

The lines popularity over the years is based on it’s ability to appeal to men, women and couples and carved out a niche as a top selling line in both adult stores and on-line.

Rock On’s new male shot “Power” gets right to the point of the consumer benefit of Sexual Energy leaving no doubt of what it is for.

Rock On natural female enhancement sexual energy shot “Passion” features a combination of natural energy support and supplements to promote sexual stimulation, libido, desire, mood designed to enhance the female orgasm.


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