Satisfyer – Hitting the Market Hard and Fast

By on October 23, 2018

With another large round of exciting new product releases announced, Synergy spoke with Satisfyer VP of Sales, Jerome Bensimon.

In a relative short period of time Satisfyer has become a strong, globally selling, pleasure product brand. What do you view as the keys to your success?
Satisfyer has always had a strong vision in sexual wellness manufacturing. We cannot emphasize the Sexual Wellness component of our endeavours enough. We want to bring the consumer added value, great design and the best price point.

Consumers want a product that will really work for them and they want a great design at an affordable price. We think that Sexual Wellness is not a luxury, it should be affordable. Retailers are even thanking us for supplying items that their customers can afford. Consumers attribute value to a price and with Satisfyer, we want consumers to feel comfortable purchasing our items at a price they consider value for money, and we want to reach a large audience of consumers not just a particular segment. Having said that, we target Men, Women, Couples and Singles. We started with our Satisfyer Brand and now have Satisfyer Men and more to follow. Affordability is not only for the consumer but also for our retail partners in terms of the retail margins and level of support we offer.

We have also given away a huge amount of our product for free, as testers to our distribution and retail partners. So far it has been over 50,000 units and we do this as we believe it is the best way for our partners to sell our product if they can experience it themselves. We will continue to do this as it has been a considerable investment on our behalf, but it has had a very good return on investment.

So, considering we started in April 2016, which is very young for a company, I think we could say we had the right product at the right price and the right place.

What can you tell us about pending new release items?
We are releasing thirty new products this year alone. You have already seen Satisfyer Men which we are now following with Satisfyer Men Vibration and Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration. These two new items for men, they will be a huge hit, we know it.

We have Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 and Multifun 2, these are solo or couples’ toys with at least eleven different ways to use and then we have the Satisfyer Vibes range, this is seven different and affordable amazing vibrators.
In addition, we do have three different lubricants for men and women, and renewing powder and toy cleaner. These lubricants offer great value in the larger 473ml size. These are made it the USA and FDA approved.
We have many more items lined up, which we will be showing at eroFame in Germany and later in the year so stay tuned.

What market support are you engaged in and have planned?
We apart from already over 50,000 free testers, which we are continuing, we provide a lot of free displays for all our products, these can either hang on the wall and hold our testers or they can also function as counter top displays. For Satisfyer Men, we provide thousands of free life size self-standing cardboard displays of our Brand Ambassador Rocco Siffredi.

We are continuing our aggressive media print campaign in trade and consumer magazines around the world such as Elle and Cosmopolitan and many others. Here we invest massively in order to generate traffic for stores because we reach millions of readers with attractive products at a price the reader considers justifiable to pay.

And of course, we have a huge online and social media campaign. We employ a top German advertising agency with clients such as Audi, Mercedes Benz etc, to create our campaigns to ensure we remain current and cutting edge.


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