SVAKOM Invites Entries for its Charity Campaign

By on September 17, 2018
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SVAKOM in association with MOVEMBER (Prostate Cancer Foundation for Men) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is pleased to announce that it is now receiving entries for its #MyKey2Orgasm Instagram charity campaign. The campaign which is geared towards raising awareness about the important causes of cancer and how it can easily be nipped in the bud requires applicants to send their beautiful orgasm faces. Yes, you heard it – their beautiful orgasm faces.

We all might have had the ripple effects of a relative, friend, or neighbor that has suffered from cancer. It is a diagnosis no one wants to hear as it just doesn’t happen to the patient alone. It brings about fear, uncertainty and a complete upset in the life of everyone involved. As a result, SVAKOM is seeking the help of every young, energetic and outgoing person out there to help raise awareness about this disease that is constantly affecting and disrupting our lives. SVAKOM is also hoping that this campaign goes viral so they can raise as much money as possible for the BCRF and Movember.

To join the #MyKey2Orgasm campaign on Instagram, please;
– Use the Hashtag #MyKey2Orgasm
– Upload a picture of your Orgasm face.
– Tag @SVAKOMUSA on Instagram
– Challenge other people to help with the MyKey2Orgasm charity campaign

The #MyKey2Orgasm will also be supported by Nymph, a soft moving finger vibrator developed by SVAKOM. The sweet gentle fingertips of Nymph will cross your skin, vibrate, circulate and stimulate your most sensitive parts; bringing with it waves of stimulation to pleasure you. Getting your orgasm face shouldn’t be hard with Nymph. It is currently available at the pre-sale price of $89 on the official SVAKOM website. For more information about Nymph, please visit

Last year in November 2017 Company donated $2500 to the Movember Foundation from the sales they received on Prostate Massagers in Movember Campaign on their Social Media Channels.
To get more information about the #MyKey2Orgasm Instagram campaign, please visit

For more information about SVAKOM, please visit


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