What Most People Don’t Know About Douching

By on May 16, 2018

In 2006, I invented the StreemMaster anal douching system and subsequently developed the ErgoFló Enemas cleaning systems. The ErgoFló Pro, like the StreemMaster before it, converts a shower’s high water pressure to a far safer pressure of 2 to 3 pounds per square inch (PSI), depending the height of the shower head.

How it works: A small silicone funnel bag hangs directly under the shower head, collecting water as it falls from the shower, which in turn is directed through the funnel to a hanging hose and nozzle to ¬-provide a super gentle, easily tolerable, anal douche.

With features like pressure conversion, air valve technology, medical-grade pure silicone, and advanced product design, the ErgoFló Pro and more efficient anal cleaning systems came to industry attention. What was once a stale sexual health product category became a new and competitive niche market.

Anal douching is a topic rarely discussed in the industry. Though there is a great deal of information available online on how to douche, we disagree with much of it. Though Perfect Fit Brand is not a medical company–and we are not doctors–we do have significant experience of how a enema systems work, and why some do, and why many don’t. We offer the following information in an effort to help you make safer recommendations to your consumers.

When it comes to shower systems, the most common system is the metal shower hose with some type of restrictor valve. A simple understanding of the physics, will fundamentally change your thoughts on recommending one of these systems. The issue is water pressure. Household water pressure can vary considerably from country to country, city to city or even from house to apartment, but one thing is certain regardless: it is too high.

When I developed the StreemMaster shower system, I researched water pressures and discovered that in most cities the water pressure averages around 50 pounds per square inch (PSI). However, this can vary due to sub-station pumps, high-rise plumbing design, and water tanks placement. Generally, a safe water pressure is 3 PSI, but we found pressures in excess of 100 PSI!

Because most people don’t have a clue about water pressure when it comes to enema systems, there is a misconception that a flow valve or restrictor valve is all one needs in order reduce existing water pressure to a safe PSI. This is not the case. A valve does nothing to reduce the water pressure; much like a faucet, it only reduces the amount of water exiting the pipe: One slip of the valve is all it takes to be hit with a uncomfortable and potentially damaging blast of water.

To appreciate what 50 PSI is like, think of it this way: Most airlines allow a maximum of 50lbs (23KG) of weight per checked bag. If one were to lay the bag widest side down on a sheet of thin ice, the ice might not break. However, if one were to place the bag on a one-inch square block of wood, 50 pounds would surely crack the ice and sink the suitcase.

Now imagine 50lbs of pressure pushing into your rectum or colon! Considering that the walls of your bowels are soft and fragile, one can imagine the potential for injury. Pushing a nozzle of high pressure water into your rectum will stir up the contents, uncomfortably stretch and expand the bowel, and very likely force water into colon.

You may think this deep of a cleaning is what you need when preparing for anal play, but the truth is most people only need to clean the rectum, not the entire colon. No one needs to clean out six feet of colon, unless they are preparing for insanely large toys. (More on that below.) Water forced into the colon becomes trapped, only to be released later–sometimes up to two hour later–an unnecessary and unwelcome surprise that could easily have been avoided.

Our ErgoFló Pro system, based on my first invention, the StreemMaster, neutralizes water pressure from a faucet, showerhead or shower hose, into the gentle pressure of old school hanging bag enema. Combined with our 8” nozzle, this setup easily cleans the rectum without disturbing the colon, allowing for the user to clean the rectum much faster, and without risking the trauma caused by a metal hose.

Gently inserted into the rectum, it flushes everything out below it—from 8” inches in, back to the anus. Instead of stirring everything up, you are simply irrigating and letting the body naturally expel the contents. People using the ErgoFló Pro not only enjoy the process but are able have sex much sooner after cleaning.

For a super deep cleaning, good for people into fisting or really big toys, we offer the ErgoFló Colon Cleanse 20″. As indicated by the name, it is a 20” hose that works with the ErgoFló system.

The purpose of the Colon Cleanse is to gently irrigate the bowel in order to flush everything out below the tip of the colon hose. For some, the colon hose, made at a medical device factory, can look pretty scary, but it is entirely safe. Using plenty of waterproof silicone lube, the hose is inserted using as deep as you want to clean as water gently flows from the side hole on the tip of the nozzle. It is important to take your time and relax while the hose flushes out the system as it works deeper into the colon. Since the body can easily resist 3 PSI, this method of deep cleaning is gentle on the rectum and colon, eliminating the risk of bloating and irritation.
For a quick cleaning of just the lower bowel, the most common type of douche on the market is the squeeze bulb, which we sell as the ErgoFló Bulb with the 8” nozzle or a 5” plastic nozzle; and, its smaller cousin, the travel size ErgoFló Impulse. The first two use our innovative air valve to reduce backflow. A feature we developed and perfected in our first line of Ergo douches.

In summary, you don’t need a pressure washer to clean out, a gentle irrigation is far more healthy and usually much faster.

Steve Callow, Perfect fit Brand Inc.


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