Xgen Products Now Shipping Teacher’s Pet

By on April 25, 2018

Horsham, PA – Xgen Products is now carrying new products from Teacher’s Pet, which are now in stock and ready to ship today.

With a variety of skirts, tops, and ties, the Teacher’s Pet brand allows women to play out their school girl fantasy. There are 16 styles overall, featuring various colors and designs. With matching ties and both black and white tie tops, virtually any outfit can be created.

“The Teacher’s Pet brand really plays up the school girl fantasy angle,” said Andy Green, President of Xgen Products. “Women are going to love being the most distracting thing to show up in the classroom!”

Additionally, there are nine plus-size styles that are also available, leaving no one out when it comes to making every woman feel sexy. And every skirt has a nine-inch Velcro closure, to accommodate all sizes.



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