XPLCIT Embraces’s Cryptocurrency

By on June 5, 2018
XPLCIT Co Logo silver full circle

Sydney, NSW – Sydney businessman Shawn Groen, the sole Director of XPLCIT Pty Ltd partners with Intimate to give their customers the ability to purchase products and services through cryptocurrency.

XPLCIT Pty Ltd, also known as XPLCIT Assist continuously is exceeding customers experience and leading the way within the adult industry.

The partnership between Intimate and XPLCIT Pty Ltd now provides their customers with a payment option that is 100% safe, ensures privacy and accountability through a verifiable and immutable payment option. Giving customers 100% discretion.

Being an adult industry business, it’s been extremely difficult to offer our customers a range of payment options as we are frowned upon by the banks and payment services such as after pay and zip pay.

With the partnership between Intimate & XPLCIT going live in the coming weeks, it will shape the future for the adult industry and for the adult sex toy shoppers.


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