XR Brands & Jesse Jane Signature Products Highlighted by GQ Online

By on March 29, 2018

Huntington Beach, CA – XR Brands’ Jesse Jane signature product collection was showcased on GQ.com last week, highlighting the porn superstar’s series of ultra-realistic masturbators and strokers molded from her famous body. Jane was interviewed about her porn industry experience and described the intimate process of having her most delicate body parts transformed into sex toys.

“They’ve made it so realistic,” Jane told the interviewer. “I was shooting the videos for it yesterday and they were laughing at me ’cause I couldn’t stop finger-fucking into it. What the fuck? I’m a girl. I’m not even a dude, so if I’m impressed as a girl, people will be impressed.”

View the full GQ article here: https://www.gq.com/story/golden-age-of-porn

Jane’s signature product collection, exclusively made and sold by XR Brands, includes two full-size masturbators: the Missionary Pussy & Ass with an open-ended Y-style tunnel for tight vaginal or anal penetration, and the Doggy-Style Pussy & Ass, which flips things over to give users realistic anal and vaginal penetration sensations in one of Jane’s signature from-behind sex positions.

In addition to the life-size masturbators, the Jesse Jane collection includes an assortment of handheld strokers for access to the porn queen’s famous assets: the Pussy & Ass Stroker features a vaginal penetration option on one end and anal penetration on the other while the Ass to Mouth Stroker lets users explore the ATM taboo with one of the world’s most legendary porn stars. The Three Way Stroker Set features three Jane’s mouth, pussy, and ass each on its own open-ended stroker, giving users the option to alternate among the three and create their ultimate fantasy experience.

“Working with Jesse Jane has been so fun, and the final product is really turning heads,” XR Brands General Manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “The mainstream support we’ve received for the Jesse Jane collection is amazing and further proves that we have something really exciting on our hands. Plus, customers love the products and the packaging, and Jesse still can’t get over how realistic her mouth, vagina, and anal molds look!”

Each item in the XR Brands-exclusive collection is molded from Jane’s body and feature’s hand-painted detailing. The entire line is made from soft body-safe TPR and are designed for easy cleaning. The Jesse Jane collection comes packaged in coordinated, durable, eye-catching boxes suitable for shelf or slat-wall displays.

To view the full Jesse Jane collection and the rest of XR Brands’ catalog, please visit http://www.xrbrands.com/.


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